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Where Challenge

Where passion for sailing meets the natural riches of the Mediterranean
A Maritime Symphony: International Mediterranean Yacht Championship

International Mediterranean Yacht Championship

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A Maritime Symphony where the passion for sailing meets the natural riches of the Mediterranean:
International Mediterranean Yacht Championship

IMYC is much more than a regatta.
The Mediterranean ecosystem brought to life by the sun
It is a celebration. With respect for the delicate balance of nature
It is a proof of the devotion to life of those who navigate these waters.

Telling the story of ancient civilizations and biodiversity in every wave
Join us to witness the magnificence of the Mediterranean.

Where competitive spirits come together with the Mediterranean wind
Step into this exciting journey. 

The skill, strategy and skill that accompany the beauty of sailboats
to the unforgettable unity of victory

Join this meaningful gathering to bear witness.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting show.

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